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Discovery call – tell us about your project

In this free 1/2 hour call, we talk about your project, its scope and end game. This call will go as long as you need it to. 206-919-6147

Our rates

Hourly: $100/hr, 2 hour minimum.
Many of the projects will fall into this category. Video shoots, photo shoots, social media account setups, ecommerce setups and web consulting go here.

Project based: $ depends on the amount of time that the project is scoped for, that’s why the initial call is so important.
Any large-scope projects like a website build or site rebuild or site migration to a new server would fall into this, where there are many parts and it’s best treated as a project.

Subscription: $ This also depends on the services required – designed for scheduled social media postings and website maintenance after the build or rebuild and general web updates.

Your budget

Time = money and since all of our services are time-based, it is crucial that we don’t waste your time or our time. We will be on-time for appointments with batteries charged, memory cards cleared, cords included, tripods brought, mics tested, lights ready to go, all of that. Our plan will have been discussed in detail so on shoot day, it’s all action!

An “ideal” client would also come prepared, if it’s a product shoot, the products will be available and presentable, if it’s a video shoot, a rehearsed script or at least an outline helps keep the number of takes down. We have teleprompters and white boards to help. Multiple videos can be shot at the same time, just bring wardrobe changes.
We help think out all of the possibilities for the delivery of your message.

  • I want to advertise on Facebook
  • I want an intro video for your business filmed
  • I need product shots of your new product for your Amazon store
  • I want to advertise everywhere online but need help with all of it
  • I need an interview shot
  • My server is too expensive, I want to migrate my website
  • I need somebody to maintain my Social media world
  • My band needs a bass player
Your path to a day off

First you call us, we figure out what exactly what you need, a plan is formulated, a price agreed upon, agreements signed, things get scheduled and work begins. Work ends, client is delighted, client is then able to take some time off to get a tan, snorkle or ski his/her arse off.

Make a call for your future

Throw away much of what you thought was normal in business, if you haven’t harnessed online advertising and ecommerce, you are missing most of your business.